What I do

As a socio-technical systems thinker, agile architect, and Domain-Driven Design expert, I work with CTOs, managers, architects, and teams to change how we design software. Through facilitating and doing collaborative modeling, I catalyze organizations, teams, and groups of people to an agile architecture approach to building sustainable quality software products.

Agile architecture and DDD consultancy

I advise organizations to move towards Agile Architecture, where teams can take responsibility for autonomously designing the architecture of the software they are building.

Facilitating collaborative modeling

I facilitate all sorts of software design workshops through collaborative modeling. From Big Picture EventStorming, Designing domains, Wardley Mapping, to Software Design EventStorming, Example Mapping, and many more.

Agile architecture and DDD training

I provide training in Agile Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, and collaborative modeling, public or inhouse custom-made for your wishes.

Coaching Architects & Teams

I do coaching sessions with architects and teams to help them unblock their work. It can be anything Agile Architecture related. From Domain-Driven Design, collaborative modeling, socio-technical systems thinking, and software architecture. These can be one-on-one conversations or ensemble or pair programming sessions.

Assessing IT architecture

I can do short, holistic, highly collaborative assessments of your organization's IT architecture. By doing one on one interviews and collaborative modeling sessions, I provide advice and solutions to the state of your current architectural landscape.

Public speaking

I am a regular speaker at international conferences. You can book me to do talks or do short hands-on workshops for your organization or conference. Check-out my recent talks and hands-on on the website what I talk about.

–About me–

A lot of knowledge is lost when designing and building software — lost because of hand-overs in a telephone game, confusing communication by not having a shared language, discussing complexity without visualisation, hassle that comes from conflict by not leveraging the full potential and wisdom of the diversity of the people. That lost knowledge while creating software impacts the sustainability, quality and value of the software product.

As an independent software consultant, tech lead, and software architect, Kenny Baas-Schwegler steps in to tackle this issue through sociotechnical system design. By facilitating collaborative modelling and applying Domain-Driven Design and Deep Democracy, he catalyses organisations, teams, and groups of people to design and build sustainable software systems. He explains his approach in the co-authored book ‘Collaborative Software Design: How to Facilitate Domain Modelling Decisions’.

One of Kenny’s main value-based heuristics is sharing knowledge. You can see that in action at his blog on baasie.com, curating the Leanpub book “Visual Collaboration Tool”. Being an active figure in the Domain-Driven Design community, organising events for Virtual Domain-Driven Design (virtualddd.com) and Domain Driven Design Nederland. Additionally, he routinely shares his experiences at conferences and meetups through informative talks and workshops.

Recent talks & Hands-on

I am an international speaker at conference. Here you can see my latest talks.

Check-out all my talks and hands-on

Community and Books

Virtual DDD

Virtual DDD


A community driven site for people who want to get more in-depth knowledge of Domain-Driven Design. Go to the learning DDD part of the site, contribute your knowledge to the world on our website or attend one of our meetups anywhere at anytime. Everybody is welcome to join us, we love learning and growing together.

Visual collaboration Tools

Visual collaboration Tools


Visual Collaboration Tools is a book for teams building software. It describes tools that help us in our daily job, and also present field stories from different practitioners. The book is from the community to the community, and it is free. The donations that we collect goes to scholarship projects for diversity in tech.

Domain-Driven Design heuristics

Domain-Driven Design heuristics


Domain-Driven Design Heuristics is a community driven site to document and discuss about Design Heuristics. For now we divide into three different types of heuristics:


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