I build up my training through building blocks, like ingredients in a recipe. I can use these building blocks to provide half to full to multiple training days in a learning journey. Together with you, I always design and customize the training based on your specific needs and the problems you want to solve. I do not provide any certification.

All my training is based on training from the back of the room, a highly immersive training style. What makes the training immersive is that roughly 80% will be hands-on and pragmatic. We can take a standardized use case I provide or take a scenario or problem from your domain. With the standardized case, I am confident I can teach you all the training content, and we will discuss how it works in your context. The trade-off is that you need to start in your context yourself. If we use a scenario from your context, it might be that I won’t be able to teach you all the content of the training, but the next day you can easily continue yourself. Optionally you can always buy consultancy days as a follow-up.

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